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Friday, September 16, 2005

This blog is now closed. It has been moved to here

Final Post.

Sigh, blog from mobile doesn’t seem to be working amazingly well at all – the phone loses its WAP connection (timeout) long before I’ve finished writing any message whatsoever (though I was apparently lucky with the Day 2 one). After I realised this, my urge to mobile blog somewhat fell away, and therefore I have somewhat neglected this blog for the best part of a month. And what a month it’s been as well! With lots of highs… and some of the lowest of lows.

I’m working on developing a new site, though the code is really messing up for no apparent reason (especially when I try to load it locally in school). I want to make it an interesting, dynamic, vibrant site. I think that it won’t have a chance in working in anything M$ made earlier than IE7, because of some of the CSS that IE6 doesn’t have a clue about. As part of this, sometime in the next month or so, this blog will be moved from its present location to a completely different provider altogether. One that supports proper RSS / Atom feeds that don’t give me a xtmls attribute to my div tags. Lots of hassle just for such a relatively small, inconsequential detail that will allow my source to validate as XHTML, but it’s just one of the many… infexibilities of Blogger.

Update: My blog has now officially moved to here. Please update all of your trackers and feeds etc.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Day 2

Time for my second daily report of York summer school. Truth be told, I'm not sure if yesterdays came through or not. I hope it did. 850 characters don't write themselves. The level of security and supervision remains ridiculously high. Regardless of age, people are not allowed to leave the sight or company of an RA for more than 5 seconds, only then if they are catching up with another and all parties have been informed via. Walkie talkies. It's such a ridiculous stage where noone is allowed to brush their teeth after breakfast because those in authority simply can't be bothered to arrange our escort.
The lesson today wasn't especially inspiring either, though I reserve judgement for now. We are also the 3rd year to fill in the infamous york log books. I spose they're effective negative feedback forms. Better sleep. Nite

Monday, July 25, 2005

Test from mobile

I just tried to set up a mail-to-blogger address. In order that i don't have to remember the address, I've set up a forward from my gmail that will forward emails from my phone.Ar it is, this is being written (slowly) from my mobile, whilst preparing breakfast. Better go. Ciao

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Not much

Has happened. Regret one of these posts, perhaps.
Added a statcounter, just for curiosity. I'm also *going* to build Gentoo tonight (I didnt have DNS details, so rsync didn't work).
Been offered Adminship at Wiki ehow. Wooh!! :)
Incidentally, theres a great extension to Firefox that lets me browse indefineitely. Given me some great sites so far. Link tomorrow.
Night! :)

Listening: The sound of traffic near the swimming pool

Monday, June 20, 2005

Yeh, Gentoo is still emergeing. I now estimate that it'll be done by 6 AM. I *hate* text based browsers (though they're not as disfunctonal as they could be)


Aren't morals exceptionally strange, odd and peculiar things and ideals? There are an indescipable feeling, urge that people have - but neither are they ever constant; different people will hold true to different morals, even to the extent that they will appear to some people to have none whatsoever, whereas they may actually feel themselves that they are the only people in the world that are sticking true rigidly the *the* correct beliefs and attitudes.

It's strange how you can have what may be immediately percieved as the "moral upper hand", whilst the opposing side has a narrow, confined social view, but it actually transpires that the narrow perspective on society is no more than an ill-percieved bench-mark that has been set upon the foundation of some (possibly dubious) philosophical thinking.
It was I that, during an arguement regarding society (I think it might have been whether a jury system is good or not, but that might have been earlier) that started off with the narrower view. Oh no it wasn't! It was about whether people are equal or not; and whether some are more important that others (I was saying that the death of some people is more important than the death of others - not on a personal level where the death of anyone is an immense tragedy - but on a wider scale of the world where the death of someone such as JFK or Archduke Franz-Ferdinand will have much more implications to the world - and will affect a greater number of people - that a murder of someone... that isn't so highly regarded in the world). Becca was arguing that their death is no more important, because every person is equal.
I realised that I had the morally lower arguement here, but I stayed on with it; however worried that I was that I might have become tainted and affected by lowly tabloid worries and petty concerns of the world - and I knew exactly where her arguement was coming from - the correct religious view that all souls are equal in God's eyes. And I agree with it - people on an individual level, taken out of their worldly social interactions and position are utterly equal; and noone should themselves claim overlordship over any others. Hajj is a good example of this, where the pilgrims all wear identical white garments in order to symbolise that they are not bound by the petty constraints of the world; by material wealth or social standing. Leaders of a state are principally more important than any of its people, but are elected by the people as an equal that can express, represent and act upon the peoples' views. When there are many views, they should be representively presented to the leader, who then has the great responsibility of choosing which course to follow. This course should be the one that the majority of equals support.
I was saying that some people are more important than others - and I finally realised where this was coming from.
We live in a world that is not the idealistic moral highs and certainties of devout religion - nor of a wholy unified world where people are truly equal - without an elected leader (no leaders in a society will always result in either anarchy, or leaders (see Communism)). This world is one of uncertainty - where everyone does not see everyone else as an equal to themselves, but rather as either an insuperior (prejudice) or an example (see George Bush... *cough*). There are some people in the world who's feelings, deeds and most importantly opinions matter more to that others. Consequently, they must be said to be percieved by society as a whole as more important because of their influence over others. I was answering that some people are more important because in the world in which we live, they are. And I do not see that we can ever live in a world where there are not people who are, by this definition, more important than others.

From the Oxford (Little) Dictionary:
Important: of great consequence; momentous; (of person) having position of rank or authority; pompous

Counter arguement encouraged - I'm up for a debate.

Still emergeing. It takes f-ing ages!
Needs to download each package of source, and then it builds it according to my needs. I think it's nearly on 20 out of 92 after about 2 hours....


Just decided to install Gentoo as a third OS. Don't know for the life of me why. I'm booting into it, and I'm just waiting for it to download the stage2 tarball so that I can continue installation.

Pleased to see that unlike many other sites, Blogger has got first class support for text based browsers (such as Links) and doesn't lock me out (because of SSL stuff). I'll see if I can get it installed (just a test boot really, btw. Won't take over as primary OS from Ubuntu).

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Last night

Omfg! I just went online again after talking to Becca on the phone, and who should have just connected but *Moriel*. That was definitely the biggest blast from the past that I've had for absolutely ages. I haven't heard from her via. email for 6 months, talked online for at least a year. Two years ago she was probably one of the people that I talked to the very most. Hell, she was the one person I could really talk to. I'd confide in her, talk to her just like I could talk to noone else at the time. A weird conincidence: I'd only just started revisiting ToRN often a couple of days ago, and here she was connecting for the first time in months. Unbelievably weird.

How times change :(

Great to see how well she's getting on though. Got married a few months ago and is really happy. Weird as heck to think that someone's married though. Such a big step as I am completely unable to imagine.

Bed now, write more in morning.

Ok, morning. I couldn't get to sleep anyway (it was just far too hot last night) so I was being very... nostalgic. Thinking of times on ToRN that were 3, even 4 years ago. The fun we had, the thinks that we talked about - the loose (and close) friendships that were formed. This was before I even knew Becca (other than OCE in main) and would arse around with Fing, p1, Moriel, skyking. I was remembering a time when I didn't really worry about anything else - becuase of the (relative) unimportance of everything in my entire existance.
It's hard to remember what half of what we talked about was (it's a shame that I don't have any logs dating back until then). I remember first talking to Moriel, and immediately being made a slave to her, and I had to do whatever she wanted me too :s. Slightly odd (this was in main - a 'G' rated heavily moderated room). Sometimes, despite all of the things that have happened since, all of the great, truely happy things, I want just to go back a few years (it was probably 3 years...) and live one more evening when I go online, talk to those great personalities, aquantancies and friends, partake in throwing people in the ToRN-pool, do a quiz, have fun.
It will never happen again
That saddens me.

Listening: My Generation - The Who

Saturday, June 18, 2005


Upgrading from Hoary to Breezy Badger is a real, real pain. They say that it is ill-advisable that you do it atm (there's some serious X breakages and they've just come out of a transition to GC++ 4.0) but I... did it anyway.
X was broken because it was looking in utterly the wrong location for fonts, a few packages (most notably Blender) are missing), and the keyboard is currently setup for US-English. Other than that, it's been fine. All of my settings etc. have been utterly preserved. Except for when I overwrote gdm.conf with some of that's settings.
Nice to have some *new* software at last though.

Listening: (Don't go back to) Rockville - R.E.M.